CLC New Zealand, General Principles
Christian Life Community


  • "Our movement is a way of life . . . which respects the uniqueness of each personal vocation and enables us to be open and free, always at the disposal of God" [GP 2].

  • "We are particularly aware of the pressing need to work for justice through a preferential option for the poor and a simple lifestyle. To prepare our members more effectively for apostolic witness and service, especially in our daily environment, we assemble people in community who feel a more urgent need to unite their humanity in all its dimensions with the fullness of their Christian faith according to our charism" [GP 4].

  • "We hold the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius as the specific source and as the characteristic instrument of our spirituality . . . which opens and disposes us to whatever God wishes in each concrete situation of our daily existence" [GP 5].

  • "Union with Christ leads to union with the Church where Christ here and now continues his mission of salvation" [GP 6].

  • "Our gift of self finds its expression in a personal commitment to the World Community, in a freely chosen local community" [GP 7].

  • "Our life is essentially apostolic. The field of CLC mission knows no limits: it extends both to the Church and the World, in order to bring the gospel salvation to all people and to serve individual persons and society by opening hearts to conversion and struggling to change oppressive structures" [GP 8].

  • "Since the spirituality of our Community is centred on Christ, we see the role of Mary in relation to Christ: she is the model of our own collaboration in Christ's mission . . . We honour Mary, the Mother of God, in a special way, and we rely on her intercession in fulfillng our vocation" [GP 9].

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